Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is performed by placing gemstones and crystals on various parts of the body to facilitate healing. Different gemstones and crystals have different energy vibrations/frequencies and its these vibrations that provide the healing effect. Different gemstones have a different effect on the body and mind. They can be used directly to the place that is experiencing discomfort or can be placed on the respective chakras. They can also simply be carried or worn as jewelry.

People are instinctively attracted to stones that their bodies need. This is usually the first step in the healing process. If you are faced with having to deal with any type of physical or mental disease or disorder, holding on to gemstones for that particular issue is prove to be quite helpful to you. The healing process will speed up significantly and you will experience an over all calm and inner peace.

They are also fabulous to give away as gifts.

For those interested in the history of crystal healing, research states that the practice of using gemstones for healing originates from Egypt thousands of years ago. Others believe it is even older, beginning in the ancient civilizations of Atlantis or even Lemuria. Most major religions of the world also tend to talk about different stones and its significance to man. Where ever it began, the one thing that is most important is that the benefits of these nature's gifts has helped heal civilization through all age of time.

Go grab some crystals for yourself today and see the difference. Here are some suggestions:
  • Amethyst: sedative energy, stability, strength & peace.
  • Aquamarine: courage, intellect, protection.
  • Citrine: positive energy, warmth, joy, optimism.
  • Garnet: commitment, devotion, love, stability.
  • Jade: harmony, peace, confidence.
  • Lapis Lazuli: knowledge, wisdom, perfection.
  • Malachite: loyalty, fidelity, reasoning ability.
  • Peridot: healing, protection.


Aromatherapy these days is something offered by every spa and salon around the corner from where you are probably sitting right now! The sad part is that with all the different types of oils and blends out there the true essence of aromatherapy has become completely saturated and people have moved away from the true use of this therapy.

Aromatherapy is a treatment done with essential oils that are extracted from various plant parts. It would be the root, the stem, the flower or even the fruit. These are known as the essences of the plant i.e essential oils. These oils are extremely potent and have very therapeutic effect on the body, mind and emotions. Essential oils can either be inhaled or applied to the skin. Due to the high potency factor of these oils they should never be applied directly and must be mixed in a base oil instead. Each oil has its own purpose and can be used on its own or mixed with a combination of oils to create a blend. Aromatherapy can be used for almost any aliment, disease or disorder and has been proven to be very effective in healing process.

Aromatherapy was discovered when a french scientist burnt his hands during an experiment that he was conducting in his lab. As soon as his hands got burned instinctively he put them in a bucket filled with lavender flowers, in a day his burns were completely healed. Since he realized that the lavender not only healed his hands completely but also left no scarring he was compelled to explore the world of plant based oils and hence aromatherapy was born.

The aroma of the oils also stimulate the olfactory nerve in the brain and create a healing effect. Please keep in mind that pregnant women are advised to avoid using aromatherapy oils during their pregnancy and breast feeding.

Aromatherapy oils are truly magic in a bottle and no matter what you may be suffering from there is definitely a blend to cure it. Please note that blends should be created only by qualified master blenders or aromatherapy practitioners.