Thursday, April 1, 2010

What does 'Healing' really mean?

Everyone at some point in their lives is faced with a problem irrespective of whether it is physical, emotion, psychological or even spiritual. Most people often seem to think of healing as a quick fix to an issue, however the true meaning of healing is to identify the root cause of what it is that is causing that problem in the first place.

For example, for people who are unable to express themselves emotionally, verbally or physically at some point in time will start to develop either stiffness in the neck or infections in the throat. Usually one would think of getting a massage to relieve the stiffness or perhaps pop a lozenges for the throat irritation, however the real cause is the inability to express. Although the massage and lozenges would help, they would only be a temporary solution to the problem and it would just be a matter of time before it surfaces again. By identifying real problem, you can irradiate it for ever and also realize the other parts of our life it may be pouring into.

Some feel that they dont really care about the root cause, they just want it to be resolved, such at the stiffness for instance. That is completely up to your discretion however please note that as mentioned before it would be quite likely to come back once that emotion is triggered again.

Healing is ultimately about balancing body, mind and soul. It is about realizing that it may take one smal thing to create the biggest catastrophes. It urges us to take inventory about what is really important for us to hold on to and what really isn't but we are conditioned to believe it is. Today, release all that that is bad for you and embrace all that is filled with love and positivity and let the true healing begin.

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