Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Time in UAE: What to Expect?


Typically summer is one of the awaited seasons of the year in most countries. Summer always entails tons of fun. It is time to enjoy various outdoor activities like summer camps, hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, rock climbing, and so on.

If such exciting activities are waiting for you, then you can’t definitely wait for summer season to come, right? But here in UAE, it is another story, a completely different scenario.

For us living in this part of the globe, summer season implies the end of outdoor activities. It is goodbye to the beautiful weekend mornings by the beach or picnics at the parks. Summer means it is time to hide in the malls, at home, or anywhere as long as there is an air-conditioning facility.

Summer season is not really a pleasant time of the year. The scorching heat of the sun feels like a hot laser beam that penetrates up to your skin’s inner layer. Temperature reaches up to 40 degree Celsius or even higher on some occasions.

So what to expect in UAE during summer season?

§  Business demand in tourism industry is low.

§  It is vacation time for expats for numerous reasons – school classes are over, weather is just difficult to bear so they travel to escape it, employees are asked to go for vacation because it is not busy.

§  High humidity at night

§  It is common to see people in sweat soaked shirts.

§  Buckets of water are kept overnight. For accommodation without cold water system, it is the best option when taking shower during midday. Tap water tends to be very hot. Don’t dare. You may end up with falling hair or scalded skin.

§  Buckle up the basic summer stuff in your bag and do not leave your home without it – bottle of water, sunscreen, hat, umbrella, and anything to cover your skin from the sun’s madness.

So far, that’s all I can think of now but for sure, I can have a longer list of what to expect during summer season in UAE in the next few weeks as summer is just really kisses away.

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